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Label Products is your source for quality labels at a competitive factory price. 

An extensive selection of dies sizes and shapes to allow us to meet your varied needs.   Or we can create a custom dies that suits your special project.   Sheets, fanfolding, perforations, scores and kiss-cuts are all included in our array of capabilities. 

Besides our ever-increasing array of tooling, we stock a range of materials to  satisfy your requirements.  We stock Semi-Gloss and High Gloss Paper, EDP, Gold and Silver Foil, Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal, Vinyl, Kimdura, Clear, Polyester and Polypropylene, Coated and Uncoated Tag, Coupon, Fluorescent

Experience counts when your image is on the line, and our staff is ready to assist you with all of your label needs.   From design and layout to the final product, count on us to uphold your image and meet your exacting standards.

Let us be your source for quality, dependable, cost-effective labels and markings.   Put simply, let us stick to your business!