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Product Labels  -   From gourmet foods and high-tech accessories, to premium cleaning products, books and toys, we uphold your image!

Bar Code Labels -  Whether it's a series of UPCs for your latest line of goods, or consecutive Code 39 for warehouse identification, we can meet your Bar Code requirements!

Thermal Labels - We supply both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels, blank or printed, as well as Thermal Transfer Ribbons and supplies!

Computer Labels - We stock a wide variety of computer labels for a variety of applications.    We can make any size for any application!

Laser Labels - Blank or printed, we can furnish a variety of laser-imprintable labels that are compatible with your equipment.

DVD & CD Labels -  Give your CDs and DVDs a professional look with our custom media labels.  

Specialty Items - We can also custom print a variety of special needs labels and tags.   Mailing labels, Ingredients & Nutrition Facts labels, Window Labels, Numbered Labels, Coupon Labels, Foil Labels, Perf Tags, Drum Labels, Exhibit Stickers or Badges, Rack Labels and Static Cling labels are just a few examples of our specialty items!

We have the experience and equipment to handle any size job. Custom Labels are our business!  Contact Us today for more information!